We have a license to kill, and we're not afraid to use it!

We have a license to kill, and we're not afraid to use it!

Welcome to Strategic Pest Control of SWFL

We are a local family owned and operated pest control company that takes great pride in having good old fashion work ethic, integrity and respect. It is our promise to treat your property as if it was our own and protect you and your family’s health from the damage and diseases associated with the influx of pests and insects prevalent in our area.

And not to worry, our products are safe for your children and pets. Not only is it important to provide quality service, but establishing professional relationships is crucial to our team. Building a rapport with our customers is a value we hold to a high standard. Along with providing exceptional customer service, we believe in using only the best products that have been specifically developed and proven effective for insect control in Southwest Florida. We have been committed to serving our community for twelve years and our qualified team will continue to identify and eliminate your pest control concerns.

- Jacki Richardson (Cape Coral, FL)

"I thought I was saving money and getting best service by going with a mainstream company. I found out they were unprofessional and disrespectful and it cost me money waiting for the company to return to spray my home after they sprayed the week before. Strategic Pest Control's services work and I have not seen a single roach or ant! I can't say it enough and all my friends know it!"

- Natasha Morelli, (Cape Coral, FL)

“I have had a wonderful experience with Strategic. I moved to Florida back in 2016 and purchased my first home. With this climate/weather, I knew there was bound to be critters invading my territory and that is a huge no no for me! I contacted Strategic and I knew right after I spoke with Barbie I was going to have a positive experience and great service. Not only was she kind, but her ability to work around my crazy schedule was flawless. Going forward, Corey, who is the owner made it a point to stop by day of service to introduce himself and thanked me for my business. Not many companies are personable now a day and this differentiated this company from all the others. Lastly, after the first spray on the interior and exterior there was a huge change/difference and if I ever needed some attention to a particular area, the techs were back out and handled the issue accordingly. Their guarantee is truly a guarantee and they stand behind their word 100%. Needless to say, I was a very happy camper with the pests being gone and thrilled to have established a great relationship with a professional and experienced company! Thank you everyone at Strategic, you rock!”

- Dan Sburlea (Cape Coral)

“Excellent service, nice company: reliable, affordable and likable.”

- Jessica Eng (Cape Coral)

“Ryan at Strategic Pest Control was AWESOME! We recently moved to cape coral from Chicago, and had no idea how important it is to treat your lawn and landscaping. We noticed that a few of our palm trees were looking sad, and that there was a film on our very large magnolia trees. We called up Strategic and within just hours Ryan was here ready to tackle the issues. Ryan walked through our entire yard and pointed out the different issues we were having. We were astounded by the amount of knowledge he had about our trees and plants! He immediately treated the entire yard with various concoctions to combat our issues. His work ethic was incredible. It is so great to see someone so passionate about their work, and happy to go above and beyond to make sure every square inch of our yard and flower beds were treated appropriately. There was a smile on his face the ENTIRE time. We have a monthly service with Strategic, and they were able to work with our budget so it is affordable. Our services include fertilizing our grass, trees, flower beds, and spraying for weeds and bugs. Our trees were deficient in some things, so Ryan was able to guide us and tell us exactly what they needed. I am so grateful that we found Strategic! Don’t go with anyone else! These guys will take care of you, and if there is something that they can't help you with, then they will recommend someone that can! Thank you, Ryan, Will, and Strategic for being so good to us! We will be lifelong loyal customers!”

- Chris Horseman (Cape Coral)

“We have used and worked with Strategic for 10+ years, they are one of the few companies that go the extra mile for their clients, they are always growing their knowledge with pest and landscape treatments. We love this company.”