We have a license to kill, and we're not afraid to use it!

We have a license to kill, and we're not afraid to use it!

Our Team


Corey is the proud owner of Strategic Pest Control of SWFL. He believes in working to and exceeding his fullest potential in order to provide consistent high-quality service. He is grateful for his qualified and trained employees who work diligently to make their customers happy! He takes pride in his family oriented, yet professional business and believes in holding a positive environment for all. A personal goal of his is to lead his employees to have better lives by motivating and inspiring them to make the best choices every day. Outside of work, he loves to spend time with his wife and children as being a devoted husband and father are very important to him. Corey considers himself an honest individual in addition to having a great sense of humor. A proper handshake following a personable conversation with each customer is important to him. “I like to bring something new to the pest control world. Really understanding our customers and their needs allows us to get the job done effectively and efficiently. After all, if it weren’t for my loyal customers, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am truly humbled.”


Will has been dedicated to SPC for 9.5 years. His forte is handling interiors and ridding of those wonderful rodents. He takes customer service satisfaction seriously and has a passion for sales and networking. It is his mission to have families live bug free!


Keith has worked for SPC for 7 years. He holds a CPO license with the state of Florida, therefore, there is no shortage of knowledge with him. He has a passion for this industry and thrives from helping, assessing and resolving. Keith loves working for such a tight knit company where his coworkers become family and customers become friends.


Cam has been with SPC for 1.5 years. His relaxed demeanor allows for great communication with his customers resulting in client satisfaction. He particularly enjoys educating folks on lawn care. “I love learning something new everyday and being part of a company, I can call my family.”


Although Ryan has only been with SPC for a short 9 months, he has been a wonderful addition to the team. He is a people person and is constantly going the extra mile. He is very detail oriented and likes to build relationships with his customers. Not to mention, he loves caring for the fruit trees and being given fresh mangos!


Chris has been dedicated to SPC for 6.5 years. His forte is diagnosing trees and shrubs to rid of pests and diseases. As a previous plant nursery employee, he has the knowledge and expertise to answer any and all questions for his customers. He loves his job and enjoys working as a team.